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Friday, August 5, 2011

India ranked 9th in the World’s Science and Technology Map

According to Union Minister of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Prithviraj Chavan, India has achieved 9th position in the world’s Science and Technology Map this year by pushing Spain back to 10th spot.

India was ranked 15th in S&T systems output in the year 2002, but later it managed to make it to the top ten list of Science & Technology systems in the world.

At a press conference at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, in Hyderabad on Tuesday, the Union Minister of S&T, has discussed about a few majors that the government is taking to make India a global- major science power.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared that this decade will be observed as 'The Decade of Innovation'. The government is looking forward to create wealth and employment for the country using scientific research and innovation.
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