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Friday, July 16, 2010

Science ;Merit and demerit


Science is a mixed bag. It has in it merits as well as demerits.

Science has made life for the common man very comfortable in modern age. Now even an average man can afford to enjoy the comfort of such things as electricity and electrical devices such as the fan , bulb desrt cooler , the refrigerator , TV , etc. Well-to-do-people have other devices in their homes such as telephone, electric oven , computer , AC , etc. Those who can afford have cars. Medical science has prologed man’s existence on earth for a number of years. There are food clothing for all. Many people live in good houses. All this has been possible only because of science.

science has some demerits also. It given so much power to man which probably he cannot keep under his control. Science has also given to man some destructive articles such as guns , pistols , the rifles , cannon , bombs , warships , missiles , etc.

Man is today sitting on a huge stockpile of explosive material which can destroy his very existence on this earth in twinkling on of an eye even as a result of slight error or misunderstanding on his part.

Unless man destroy weapons of mass destruction , he cannot have real happiness on this earth. So, preparation for war negates all efforts of man towards progress. Progress may seem to be impressive and even tremendous but at present it is not free from corresponding dangers which are disastrous and fatal in nature.

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